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12" x 24"

SIZE: 12 in x 18in (approx 11 7/8" x 23 7/8") Each whiteboard has rounded corners for ease and convenience. Boards have a cut-out handle either on the side, or on the top. You specify when ordering.

Each whiteboard weights approx 19oz

Sold individually


Ships FedEx Ground or UPS which ever is the least expensive

Orders will ship within 24-48 hours.

The shipping container for this size will hold up to 25 whiteboards and weight approximately 34 pounds. Each shipping container when filled will ship independently. This size whiteboard cannot be shipped with any other size.

If you do not see the size your need, send an email message with the size you want and how many whiteboards you need, and I will do my best to accommodate.

$4.25/each + shipping



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