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Tampa, Fl.

This is my 4 set of your white boards. They work great for my classroom. I use them daily 6 periods a day so by the end of the year they are pretty scratched up. Even so they are a great item.
Kimberly Lewis Thank you!!! Super fast shipping and excellent product! We used them today!!
HIP Genius Entertainment Marketing
The whiteboards with handles are a true find!  We use them in our office for group brainstorms and then carry them back to our desks to keep as a project board as the project begins to execute. High quality, low price whiteboards with excellent customer service.
California Science Project at UC Irvine
Di-Mac is the whole package. High quality product, excellent customer
service and very reasonable prices!

K-12 Alliance

Ordered large quantities of whiteboards and geology squeeze boxes from DiMac Designs for several years. The products are great, the prices beat anything available online or in stores, and the service is excellent. DiMac is the best!
Leah Carroll
God Bless
"I just received my whiteboards within 48 hours of payment! Excellent customer service and excellent product. The boards are very good quality and will last for years. What an amazing price for such a great board!"
Lee Graham
Founder / CTO
TRImagination (www.trimagination.com)
DiMac Designs has a great product, but what impressed me more than the product was the first class treatment I received as a customer. I definitely will be doing more business in the future! Thanks DiMac.


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